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Acts of kindness

I would like to think that if I was to be known for one asset over my working years and also an asset that I value highly in others it would be kindness.

There have been many times over the years that a sheepish reservations department has phoned me with various problems such as forgetting to take the payment from clients that I have booked with them.

It is easy to get cross and think that mistakes should not happen but that is an idealistic view of the world. Problems can be inconvenient but they can also be a way to forge better relationships with both clients and suppliers.

On a personal basis I was reminded of this when I said goodbye yesterday to an amazing lady from Syria who has been volunteering alongside me on Saturdays in Rotherham.

She made a big difference to the people around her by encouraging everyone she met to be the best they could be. As an actress she was helping to use drama to increase people's confidence and her enthusiasm for helping others was incredible.

Maybe I just wish that there was more kindness in the world. I can feel quite despondent especially thinking about the coming general election and the arguments going on between all sides. Am I right to worry about the lack of kindness in the world?

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