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How our hotel booking service works

First Stop Reservations offers a free accommodation and venue booking service. A quick telephone call or email to us and we will check for suitable availability.


We have negotiated rates with many UK hotel groups and will check which accommodation provides the facilities that you require within your price range and in the requested location.


Once a hotel is booked we will check the reservation on your arrival date, and make sure that everything is in place for a stress-free experience.


Payment is due directly to the hotel or venue. We will even chase vat receipts for you if needed if you didn't collect yours from the reception. 



Our Vision



Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Our priority has always been from day one in 1997, great customer service.

We have not looked at constantly winning new business but instead at keeping the clients we already have satisfied with the hotels and venues we are booking for them. This has led to many customer referrals and as an agency, we have worked with many of our clients for at least 15 years. Our clients range from individuals booking for themselves to large multinational companies booking for their staff and customers.




First Stop Reservations will always try to reduce a client's costs as we recognise that every company is working within a budget. We will suggest ways for a client to reduce their hotel spend and negotiate the best hotel rates we can. We look at offering different options for accommodation requests at varying price levels from budget to luxury with the aim of meeting each customer's individual requirements.




We endeavor to do the best we possibly can for each client.

We will do our best to suggest ways customer can save money on their accommodation or event costs and we also do our best to help in the event of unavoidable cancellations by negotiating with hotels to reduce or cancel any charges if at all possible.

We also as a company believe in assisting the local community, whether this is helping within a local job club, volunteering at local charities for the disadvantaged and helping people that are learning English for the first time.

We are also working within our local area of Rotherham to promote leisure and tourism within the 'Visit Rotherham' brand and encourage companies in this sector to work together.​


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