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Looking after the Pennies

Maybe I have learned the hard way and living in Yorkshire has definitely helped but I am constantly looking at ways for myself and my customers to save money.

Running a small business takes up a lot of time and energy and it is easy to forget to do the small things that really make a difference. When was the last time you checked your bank statement for subscriptions you no longer need and canceled them?

Or how about looking at saving on the small things that you purchase regularly by bulk buying? I recently found a great deal online for printer ink which was about half the price of what I have been paying for years.

Hotel bookings are another example of where you can achieve savings with very little effort. If you travel frequently and used the same hotel how negotiating a set price at the hotel? It is a win-win situation for both the client and the hotel. The hotel gets repeat business and you get a cheaper price when you stay.

Another example of where you could save money on hotels is to book flexible rates which can be canceled well in advance, instead of at the last minute. This will often work out cheaper in larger cities where the price tends to get more expensive the closer you get to the date. If you then find you no longer need the accommodation, you should still be able to cancel the reservation with no charge. This should always be checked with the hotel at the time of booking of course.

If you are interested in saving the time you spend looking at hotel booking sites, then please contact us at First Stop Reservations where we offer free hotel bookings. We can negotiate prices for you and the company you work for and suggest ways to reduce your hotel spend.

Our contact telephone number is 01709 874085

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