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How to choose your ideal hotel - 5 tips

As I have been booking hotels for many years, choosing the right hotel for each

customer is second nature. I know though that for anyone booking hotels just once or

twice a year it can be quite daunting. Or should I say the choice is often totally overwhelming. Everyone is looking for something different but here are a few pointers.

1) Price or location?

This can be a difficult one but often the perfect location can be the most expensive. What would you be prepared to sacrifice? Would you accept a small bed and breakfast instead of a hotel to be in the right area or would you prefer to travel that little bit further to get the right price? If you are prepared to look at guesthouses then websites like the #AA or Visit Britain can be a good source of reliable good quality accommodation.

If you prefer to travel for a better hotel then how about informing the hotel of your budget and seeing if they can reduce their prices?


This may seem like a strange thing to have as the second tip but parking really can be essential. Not all hotels offer free parking or any parking at all and the prices can vary by about £30 per night. If you are driving a large vehicle I would always recommend checking any height restrictions or even if the hotel will be charging you for two spaces!

3)The Leisure Club.

If you are choosing a hotel and are planning to use the leisure club I would always recommend telephoning just to check that the #leisure club is open whilst you are there.I would also check how many pieces of equipment a gym has - your three-hour work out may be thwarted by a gym with only three pieces of equipment.

4)A good nights sleep.

This is not guaranteed and it is always worth asking for a quiet room. For any light sleepers try to ask for a room away from the lifts and not directly over the ballroom.Most reception staff should know which rooms are most suitable

5)Check the #booking.

I always telephone the hotel on the day of arrival for all of my clients bookings. This may seem strange as I will have already received written #

Leisure club in a hotel
The leisure club

confirmation but often a hotel system may be down on the arrival day or something has happened and that one telephone call can make all the difference.

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